how to delete hive account? Answer 2022


The hive binary sensor integration integrates your Hive sensors into Home Assistant. My last realtor recommended I remove any smart controls I wanted to keep prior to listing or make sure to list them as BTC can you remove hive heating excluded in the contract. Which surprise surprise it did – but they could not say why the problem happens.

Boost heating This Action will boost heating to the temperature and duration you specify. Remove thermostat from the backplate, wait 5 seconds and then connect the thermostat to the backplate. It will power back up and display ‘Search’ while looking for your hub. Hive Active Thermostat is now installed, there is one final step to link your thermostat to your Hive account. When the hub is ready to pair the green light will be solid and the middle light will flash amber. To install the hub you will need an Internet connection a spare Ethernet port on your router and an electrical outlet nearby.


The software is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. However, there is no guarantee that the new owner will be able to continue using it in its current form or that any changes made to the software will be accepted by the community. The receiver will search for devices for 40 minutes at a time. The receiver has received 2 or more commands to switch the boiler on or off within 1 minute. Or, Heating Boost mode with target temperature lower than room temperature.

If your heating system runs on 24 VAC, but without the “C” , you won’t be able to power up your thermostat. You’ll need to remove the cover from your current thermostat to determine which wires and terminals are currently connected. Hive provides a widget on the thermostat product page that will help you to determine the compatibility of the Hive Active Thermostat and your heating/cooling system. The widget also provides a support email address and a phone number if you’d like to contact a “Hive Helper”. Manage your home with just the tap of our Hive app. With Hive Actions, you can connect all your devices.

Water Heater

I’m pretty sure hive hubs and thermostats are not transferrable between customers. So if you leave it theres a chance they wont be able to use it with their account. I did remove the old thermostat, on a separate wall of the house, and just connected the wires together with connector-block. But I’ve replaced the original thermostat as well. The room stat must connect direct to the boiler box as you can get Hive setups without any net connection at all. British Gas seem to be installing the by default – probably to get around any wiring issues.

Unlike the other smart thermostats on the market, the Hive Active Thermostat does not use Wi-Fi. Any interactions with the outside world, such as Alexa or notifications, are done through the Hive Hub. However, Hive provides everything you need with the exception of a screwdriver. One feature missing that I frequently use in my home with competing smart home products is scheduling based on sunset or sunrise times.

Normally for other products like the TP-Link tunable bulbs, after issuing a voice command to change the bulbs settings, the status shown in the application is updated to match the new settings. When changing a setting on the Hive active devices by voice command, the change was executed properly, but the status within the Alexa app wasn’t updated. Instead, the Alexa app reported there was a problem.

However, you can create actions on both platforms. It looks like the Android may have been upgraded first and the iOS app will catch up. (invitees will be required to create their own account.) The link below will give you step by step instructions on how to set this up.

Note, however, that the functions are arranged in a very similar manner to the Android app. If you don’t create an account using your browser, you can create one within the Hive app on your mobile device. You are prompted for an email address and contact information. You’ll get an activation link via email that will activate your Hive account. Hive is a commercial open-source data warehouse software developed by Apache Hive.

My mission is to help our readers solve appliance-related issues without paying through the nose for contractors or a whole new model. I’m joining up with experts from across the HVAC, Appliance Repair, & DIY industries to share free expert advice that will save you time, stress, and money. We are all looking for ways to cut the cost of heating in the colder months. But, there are only so many sweaters you can put on and so many laps around the room you can do before you just have to admit that it’s way too cold for comfort. Once the thermostat has finished reloading, you should refresh the page in your Hive app.

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Both the 720p and the 1080P videos were sharp and crisp and the 130-degree lens captured a good field of view. The recordings played back smoothly both on the local network and when I tested away from home. However, if you do frequent remote viewing over a slow Internet connection, you might want to set the resolution to 720p. For these screenshots, again, I have used the Android version of the MATIC can you remove hive heating app as the screen layout lends itself better to composite side-by-side images. If you tap on one of the light bulb icons in the My Hive Home screen, you see a screen that looks like the one on the left below. Taking a quick tour of the screen, at the top left of the screen, you’ll see a circular “re-sync” icon.

What do you do with the Hive heat when you move house?

If you are moving home and have Hive Active Heating installed, please leave all of your Hive Active Heating kit (receiver, thermostat and any Signal Boosters) at your old home. They form part of your central heating system, so must be left for the new occupier.

Electric underfloor heating systems are high current systems and can be up to 16A and therefore you will need additional wiring and relays to use a thermostat such as Nest. However, the Nest Thermostat has no problem in controlling wet underfloor heating systems. You’ll find that wet underfloor heating systems are installed more commonly in new builds because they are installed within the construction of the floor as it is being built. The benefits of a wet underfloor heating system is that it can be linked into the central heating system. However, one consideration is that there may not be sufficient height build up in a renovation project to install a wet system. To remotely control your heating and/or cooling with Hive, both the thermostat and hub need to be connected.

central heating button

Remember to always follow appropriate safe electrical isolation procedures and test to confirm that the supply is off before touching any electrical connections. The Control tab shows the current status of the Window or Door sensor along with the latest log entries. If you tap Today’s log, scrollable history appears for seven days. The log file only records door open events; it doesn’t show door close events. Unlike the motion sensor, there is no delay between events. If you rapidly open and close a door or window, each individual event will be logged, and, if you have a notification action configured, you’ll get multiple notifications.

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The red highlight in the image above shows that there is a slight difference in the finish in the plastic cases. It’s important that these two areas of shiny plastic line up or the sensor won’t work. When the two pieces are oriented correctly and brought together or separated, the bottom green light will flash indicating a change of state.


Sound detection, even set to Medium, also worked well. Once while I was away, my smoke detector decided it was time for a new battery and started to chirp every seconds. I was surprised when I looked at the log and saw almost continuous “Sound”-triggered recordings. The Active Thermostat works with Alexa, but functionality is limited to setting temperatures.

Hive, the smart home company best known for its smart thermostats, is officially getting out of the home security market globally. In a support page posted on its website, the company says it’s no longer selling its Hive View security cameras, HomeShield security system, and Hive Leak water detection device. And soon, existing devices will cease to function. Whilst in this state heating and hot water will default to off. They can be switched on manually by pressing the ‘heating’ and ‘hot water’ buttons on the receiver .

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